The distribution channels ,developed through constant activity and presence in the Asian markets, are achieved through an effective sales network geared towards the SMEs.

The network is based on partnership agreements with leading national distributors such as Tianjin Food Group and primary regional or local chains and stores.

The distribution in Singapore takes place through the IMM and Metro group and online on the REDMART and LAZADA platforms in addition to the propietary BUYDIRECTITALY online store.

Recently, the Philippines market has been added to our distribution network, with the agreements of leading Manila distribution operator such as FAIRLIGHT Corporation.

ADENbiz organizes many promotional activities such as show cooking, tastings and sponsorship of events, participation in trade fairs, opening of temporary spaces at primary shopping centers and incoming foreign Buyers events.

Leveraging our commercial and governmental agreements, Exhibition Stands and Hotels are frequently provided free of charge to foreign exhibitors for regional Chinese fairs.

Participation in major national trade fair events is instead facilitated by our contractual relationships with local authorities and by the economies of scale that we generate between the various participating companies.

By ship, train airplane or truck our logistic services are aimed to an effective strike in the desired commercial channels.

We help drive time efficiency and lower resources and marketing costs while generating economies of scale between the companies using the platform.

We also offer in our operating areas tailored and inexpensive showrooms as well as temporary or permanent commercial spaces to start testing and operating the target markets from day one.

A constant presence in Asia over the last 5 years, continuous investments and the acquisition of local skills, has given us the credibility and structure to go beyond trading and create and manage new business opportunities in cooperation with regional districts and authorities.

Among the most recent projects, following an historical agreement with the largest Agri-Food group of northern China, Tianjin Food Group, is the set up of the firsts theme area for Italian products within the supermarkets and food stores of the group.

Other areas of implementation relates to projects on Smart City, Green and Circular Economy and promoting relations between important Italian, Chinese and American scientific institutes.

The Chinese authorities in Jinghai and Zhengzhou have publicly appreciated Aden' success in establishing commercial and scientific relations between China and Italy.

Aden has signed many commercial and cooperation agreements in Asia in his recent history with primary commercial and logistic partners, retailers, public and private authorities.

Agreements that have rooted Aden's presence and operations in Asia giving a strong perception to be a present and reliable partner to both Asian operators and the Italian companies we represent.

Aden has attended many seminars, forums and congress where the founders have been able to personally represent and promote the Italian companies and their initiatives to local institutional and private bodies.

Medical patents, electro-medical products, promotional activities related to sport (Giro d'Italia) and tourism in the Lazio region (Frascati), as well as logisticsby air (Fiumicino) and train (Pomezia) are among the initiatives promoted in China.

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