ADEN the internationalization project

ADEN is the commercial partner to accelerate and simplify the entry of your products in the Asian markets.

The ADEN project was born in 2015 in Tianjin (China) following the commercial and operational protocols signed between the municipality of Tianjin and the Lazio Region with the institutional support of Lazio Innova and the commercial support from the Rome Fair Authority.

ADEN was established under Chinese law and operated as a liaison and a public / private support entity for the companies participating in the internationalization project.

ADEN has evolved today, following the strong growth of the Asian markets, as a complete logistics and distribution platform for the large scale distribution, Ho.Re.Ca. and electronic commerce channels.

The ADENbiz brand was therefore created to represent and identify the platform in the entire Asian area.


ADEN's philosophy

ADEN is inspired by the tradition of the medieval merchant, a new man, distinct from the rigid social classification of the time, which makes a decisive contribution to the development of trade, cities, art and culture.

Focused on the economic function, the merchant is the one who challenges time and space to generate wealth and well-being by building bridges between distant civilizations.

Aden believes and operates in a Success Fees regime, the goal are the sales and the generation of a fair and moral profit.

The commercial results must derive from the sales, concluded and collected, every other service is accessory, must have a more than excellent quality / price ratio and must be justified by the concrete achievement of the commercial objectives..

The ADENbiz platform

The ADENbiz platform has the mission to prepare, guide and localize European small and medium-sized enterprises in the markets of China and the South East Asian region (ASEAN), a basin of over 2 billion consumers.

ADENbiz represents an effective and feasible means for small and medium Italian companies to promote and sell their products in those markets quickly and economically.

In 2018, the platform from China extends to Singapore in order to access the commercial channels of South East Asia (ASEAN area).

In 2019 we started the logistics and operational base in Manila (Philippines), a key ASEAN market for the Italian food products.

Physical spaces

In the Asian markets for the warehousing, logistics, distribution, promotion and sale of the imported products

Quality services

To prepare, test, ship, import, promote and sell your goods

Best practice method

To simplify, coordinate and accelerate the access of your products to Asian markets.

Business Areas

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